Stockings, Dresses and Awards

This huge carton arrived from America a few days ago. It was from my Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap partner Jess of Jetful.

So exciting, I ripped into the box and wrapped in oodles of bubble wrap was the most divine stocking ever. Jess stitched it together using crazy patchwork made from beautiful rich fabrics.The stocking 'cuff' is gorgeous soft fur (I love fur) and it is heavily embellished down one side. The photo just does not do the stocking justice.

It was overflowing with prettily wrapped gifts!

Jess embellished the side of the stocking using lots of my favourites, millinery flowers, sparkly grapes (wine!) a tassel and check out that fabulous beaded bird.

Here is the back of the stocking, love that fur and the herringbone stitching.

Lots and lots of pretty wrapped parcels.

Jess really spoiled me. First of all Toblerone chocolate, its a family tradition in Jess's family to put one in each stocking. Its a big fave with Babes and I, really expensive chocolate in New Zealand, we usually only have it when Babes brings it back duty free.

A packet of black and white tissues, perfect to carry in my basket. Black and white print craft ribbon, two stamps which is so funny because a few weeks ago I was going to buy some and changed my mind because of my tight budget that week! Also a musical note shaped paper punch.

Beautiful smelling pomegranate hand and body lotion and soap with an angel engraved into it.

Pez candy and a Pez candy dispenser. We have never heard of Pez candy but The Princess and I loaded up the dispenser and sampled . . . two packets! Gail came to stay this weekend, she lived in Canada when she was a little girl and remember Pez candy from then!

A bag of Jellied Candy Bells, The Princess and I also sampled one of each colour bell. This was all around 5pm, not the best time to be gorging on candy! Oh well!

And my absolute favourite thing, aside from the stocking is this pearl letter R. How GORGEOUS is that! Thank you so much Jess, I just love, love the stocking and all the lovely goodies that were inside.

My Princess has her Christmas concert this coming Wednesday. She is going to be an Angel, of course! I had to provide a white dress so one night last week I made her this. Its made from white lawn, lace, ribbon and vintage doilies. Its the first piece of clothing I have ever made her and I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Close up of the doilies.

Remember the Bloglandia Ball. Well I have had an email from Artful Blogging magazine asking for permission to consider publishing my dress as part of an article they are doing about the Bloglandia Ball. Wow!!!!! Even if they don't use it I am still so thrilled that it would even be considered!

I have been given some awards over the last few weeks. Its so nice to have this happen. The first was the You Make Me Smile Award, given to me by Jenn and Jacqui at The Bowerbirds Nest. Thanks girls, you make me smile also!

I am going to pass this on to some ladies who have tickled my own sense of humour recently:

Brittany at Adeline's Cottage
Karin at Creative Chaos
Felicia at Fluffy Flowers
My Mum at Lizzie

Jen at My 3 boys and I gave me the following two awards. Thanks Jen:)

You should all have the Nice Matters Award so if you visit my blog I am passing it on to you. I would just like to mention a few blogs by name though;

Jenn and Jacqui at The Bowerbirds Nest
Lori at Faerie Window
Meredith at Not So Long Ago
Vicki at All Bliss Be Thine

This award here, also given to me by Jen, is called the "tough blogger who is true to your self" award.
I think you should all have this one also, but again, just off the top of my head a few blogs by name:
Catie at Catieans Corner
You are all award worthy!
Take Care

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