Soul Food

I am going to live to 100+!!!!

its true, I am!!!

I watched this Dan Buettner link a friend told me about and it makes so much sense and nothing difficult about it, no extreme diets, supplements, exercise programmes, just good old common sense really......

So following my new common sense lifestyle I cleaned my fridge to an inch of its life and filled it with colorful fresh foods (I also cleaned behind it but we won't go there, lets just say EEEKKKK!)

for dinner last night I made Sushi, my brother and sister in law gave me a sushi maker for Christmas so made it so much easier than rolling with a mat.

all I need now is a good sharp knife to cut it properly!

I plan on looking real good when I am 100+ so I bought myself exfoliating gloves, a pumice and an emery board, of course that's just the tip of what I need - lol

got to go, am about to clean my outside windows, its part of living to 100+ ya know!

take care

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