its been a while . . . .

I just haven't felt like blogging, in case you hadn't noticed!!!

such a lot going on, not going to cover it all in one post, would wear my fingers out!!!

but, back tracking to Mothers Day, and wishing all the Mummy's out there a very belated Mothers Day!!!

my Mothers Day was . . . unusual to say the least!!!!

I got breakfast in bed, Babes (yes that would be my estranged husband), thoughtfully had taken the Princess out to shop for me. He came in on Sunday morning and together they prepared my breakfast tray, he even put flowers in a vase on it (it was weird!).

But the Princess was so excited so I had to go along with it even though I wanted to throw up!!!

She had chosen this wonderful sparkly card and had written in it herself

and this earring and ring set (does match, but camera hasn't picked up the colour well). She chose it, he paid!!! She was beside herself, I had to put it all on then and there and she was busy chattering away how that was from her but the breakfast tray and flowers were from Daddy!!!

So of course I ended up crying... told her it was tears of happiness, which was partially true because of her excitement!!

The day got better though, I picked my Mum up from her flight, cooked a family dinner for her and family members, family, nice food, a little wine, a good ending!

Life is a roller coaster, up and down, good and bad, more good than bad.

I am keeping busy, have joined a few things, like learning to 'Pole Dance' . ..

and with that I will leave you until next time

soon . . .

take care

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