Something had to give...

and it was blogging!

Life got so busy with university deadlines for horrific assignments and then study for exams!

It's all over now, semester finished, freedom is mine... for a while anyway, until the next semester at least!

May was all about family, breakfasts and dinners and visits from my lovely Aunty Glenis and meeting some of the cowboy's family!

It was also about getting through university assignments, not so easy when strong pain medication messes with my head space!

And making some big hard to make decisions about university that will benefit me in the long run.

This half of June is going to be about tackling my huge to do list:

  • building a website,
  • writing a book,
  • creating with fabric and paint,
  • selling, selling, selling,
  • getting fit,
  • getting my ribs healed,
  • stopping pain medication,
  • fun times with the Princess,
  • fun times with the Cowboy,
  • reading a book for pleasure,
  • cooking new recipes,
  • buying contact lenses,
  • getting my hair cut,
  • and staying warm!
One of the first things on my list is convincing my neighbours this table, which I think is absolutely fabulous,

would look better in my kitchen than their garage,

don't ya think?

Rachael xo

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