Some pretties

My prettiest pretty of all, the toothless Princess!! She's dressed and ready to go to her best friend Ruchitha's birthday party. As you can see she is wearing her 'high heels'!!!

and just a few more pretty treasures brought home from one of my decluttering trips to the 'op shop'.

I adore these quilted fabric bags that I found stuffed inside a box of yukky fabric! Wonder what they were made for, hankies, stockings . . .?

such beautiful colours,

I am going to sell them in my web store . . . soon . . .

and last but not least, the Princess and I sat in fascination the other night and watched from our grown up room window this plump black bird bathing in our bird bird, he was having a wonderful time splashing about. I wish the photo was clearer but it was early evening and the light was all wrong from where we watching.

ha, ha, that's my bird bath back on as you might guess!!! Love the cherub's cheeky cheeks!

This weekend we are having a stay at home weekend, some house cleaning and just general pottering about and relaxing and maybe even a bit of crafting.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Bye for now

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