Simple Pleasures

I now understand what it means to have a life changing experience!

As I fell from the ladder I knew there was a possiblity I could die or if not I could be permanently disabled...

the medical people and people who have visited my house and have seen the broken ladder and the height I fell from all believe it is a miracle that I only have two broken ribs and bruising!

I know it is a miracle...

a life changing miracle for me!

I am so grateful for my broken ribs and my big black and blue bruises because it has given me an appreciation of life that I didn't have before and a stronger desire to "do" my plans, to not sweat the small stuff, to be grateful and to enjoy simple pleasures.

My simple pleasure today is these sweet, sweet smelling Freesias picked from the castle gardens!

Enjoy the simple pleasures in your day and...

Take Care

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