Roses are Red

While the Princess and I were creating our 'Happy Diaries' I also covered this note book which I am using to write down my goals.

The background paper is scrapbook paper, the lady on the swing (I love swinging!) was cut out from a card, that is to remind me to reach for the stars and the "Roses are Red" was a song title I cut from sheet music and that is to remind me to take the time to "smell the roses" and also that my life will become rosy again!

I need to keep that in focus, this morning I woke up feeling very weepy, the intensity of my grief was quite overwhelming. Grief is such a physical pain as well as an emotional pain.

I pulled myself together and sent a long venting email to WINZ, our social welfare department, who I am now relying on for my income as Babes decision to follow "true love" has put both of us into a permanent dire financial situation.

There we are, I wasn't going to use my blog to vent but right now just need the outlet and all your support makes it so much better!

To keep that positive focus going after a rocky start to the day I wrote a list of 'to do's in my diary. All yukky things so as a consolation prize I took a little walk to the OP Shop(thrift shop) and that I will show you the results of tomorrow!

Oh and in my haste to get to the Op Shop I locked myself out of my house and had to borrow the ladder from a painter next door and climb to the second level of the house where fortunately I had a left a door open!

All in a mornings work!

Off now to wash vintage china and set up a photo shoot!

Have a good day!

Take Care

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