Romantic Country Party

Romantic Country Party

It's a party!!!!

I love parties, why don't you step through my front door and join me . . .

in a little party celebration . . .
here's to Karla for hosting this wonderful event . . .

once you have had a little toast to Karla, come wander with me into my Grown Up room where you will see some of my favorite romantic pretties . . .

  • my rich tasseled portiere's (got that word from Gone with the Wind!) and matching tassel lamp
  • bird cages
  • one of my many collections of cherubs
  • and my Great Nana's chippy oak dressing table

and through to the main living area's where you can see . . .

  • a pretty corner shelf in my kitchen (thanks again Barb for the linen!)
  • a little white bureau in a corner of the dining room for special pretties
  • and a corner unit in the living that Babe's grandad made us for a wedding gift.

Up the stairs we go, to my very favourite rooms, our bedroom and my ensuite which I have all to myself as Babe's uses the main bathroom. Here is . . .
  • my dressing table with lots of treasured memento's
  • I love my bed and raggedy, taggedy eiderdown
  • and two corners of my pretty girly bathroom.

Across the landing is The Princess who has some pretty corners in her room like . . .

  • her china cabinet with all her special treasures
  • and this hand painted teddy basket that was full of beautiful baby gifts from Nana when we brought The Baby Princess home. It looked gorgeous whizzing around the airport luggage carousal with a big pink bow tied on it!

Do you know that as we have been wandering through my home I have noticed I have quite a few different collections like . . .

pretty mirrors

  • cherubs (actually I did know that one!)
  • pictures of roses (goes with out saying!)
  • greeting card boxes (there are another two on my dressing table)

and cushions!

Do you see the white cushion on my bed? Well that's our wedding ring cushion my Mum did for us in candlewick embroidery.

Come outside and have a look, I love bird baths and garden statues and pretty coloured enamel tea pots.

Let's sneak back into The Princess's room, ssssshhhh . . .

I love my home and all my pretty things but it wouldn't be a Romantic Home without Babes and
The Princess!

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