Pole Dancing!!!

soooooo, I go to Pole Dancing classes, part of my 'after separation therapy' lol

and I love it!!!

The moment I walked into the PolerevolutioNZ studio I knew it was the place for me. Red walls, soft lighting, incense, Buddha's music, candles, flowers, vintage clocks - a real zen like atmosphere and Amy, our lovely and very talented tutor!!

The first class was hilarious, I know you are meant to slide down the pole but not in the way we all did, collapsing to the floor in fits of laughter!!! And believe me, nothing sexy about it!!! I came away from that class hooked but oh dear the next day, the pain, the agony, unused muscles screaming, especially under my rib cage!!!

The next week was slightly better, but again the next day, the pain, different unused muscles and the bruising, massive inner thigh bruising!!! Sounds terrible really but its not, its fantastic, a brutal but amazing work out.

Amy starts us with a series of Pilates type stretches to warm and loosen us, we also end with more stretches. Our pole routine has a bit more added to it each week, more and more different moves.

In 5 weeks I have already become so much more flexible and supple, can 'float' around the pole and can stay on it!!! Still nothing graceful about what I am doing but I'm getting there!!!

The most important thing is I am working out, enjoying it and happier with my body than I have been for a long time!!

This is not me, but one day soon I hope to be able to do that!!!

That is Amy our tutor and owner of PolerevolutioNZ . Trust me, she is incredible!!!

One of my near future goals is to have a pole installed at home!!!
If you are looking for an amazing work out that tones and limbers your entire body and one that is really lots of fun at the same time then I can highly recommend pole dancing!!!
A bit different from my usual vintage type posts!!!
Rainy Sunday here today, Babes is coming over and we are all going to tuck up, watch a movie and eat snacks!!!
Take care, back soon
p.s. thanks Amy for the photo's I borrowed from your website!!!

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