Pinterest - Day Two

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Day Two of my Pinterest challenge to myself is another recipe. I cooked Super Simple, Super Spicy Mongolian Beef.

The Verdict
Super spicy would be the word here, I wish I had read that part of the recipe title properly.  It was so spicy, the Cowboy and I ended up drowning it in Soy Sauce and eating it with bread and butter to try and tone down the spice! If you like spice you will love this, if you don't it is still a great recipe but use about 1/4 of the suggested amount - which is what I will be doing when I make it again - which I will make it again because it is super easy and could be super tasty!

You can find the recipe here.

In Other News:
  • I went to a Career Bootcamp today at the University, I motivated to start my CV.
  • My mouth is still burning.
  • The Cowboy's mouth is still burning.
  • Jellytip  ice-cream might help the burning.
Rachael xo

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