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Its petal love around here at the moment.

I have a miniature rose in my garden that originally was from my shop, I would put it in the doorway each morning when I opened. Anyway, it never did very well, and then I almost killed it over winter by leaving it water logged in its pot!

Well, look at it now! Blooming prolifically. I have it in vases everywhere and the bush itself is still laden!

Little bud vases.

The Princess and I went to the garden centre yesterday, I bought lettuce, she bought Petunia's! I planted them, I water them . . . petal love, mother love!

Amongst all these 'real' blooms I have been creating fabric ones. I found this tutorial sometime ago here and so in my typical fashion I fixate on one thing and start churning them out! But they are so fun to make!

I have three on offer as a giveaway as part of the One World - One Heart international giveaway. Go and have a look, amazing giveaways on offer and gob smacking talent!

If you would like to sign up for my giveaway you can do so by leaving a comment on my One World-One Heart post right here.

Have fun!

Bye for now

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