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Shop Swaps

Mum and I did a little mini paper doll dress swap with Karen and Catiean. Both girls dresses arrived within days of each other.

Here's what Karen sent, look at this gorgeous card she made, its so elegantly vintage.

Inside the card was the sweetest dress she made for me. Its so dainty and delicately made. Pink gingham trimmed with contrasting pink ribbon and clear rhinestones. Shabby, shabby chic!

Thank you so much Karen, I love the card and the dress. I hope yours turns up soon!

Two days later this parcel arrived from Catiean. Hmmmmm, bit large for a paper doll dress or even two we thought!

This is what spilled out when I hurriedly ripped into the parcel!

Catie!!!! Mum and I are blown away by your generosity. Love it all and eventually we did find the dresses amongst the goodies!

Packets of earrings and necklaces that I am thinking we can break down for crafting as they are perfectly sparkly! and rose gift bags that I have whipped away to the shop to use for lucky customers! and rose patterned fabric samples and Snow White scrap booking bitties that The Princess took an instant liking to! and finally we found the dolls dresses.

Beautifully made with vintage paper and lace and embellished with sparkly jewels. Mine is pink and Mum's is green. Clever, kind and generous Catie. Thank You! Your dresses should be arriving any day.

I finally got the new shop window done. Halloween themed. It was a bit challenging because the shop is actually pink and rose themed and Halloween decorating isn't normally something we do in NZ.

Anyway, I came up with this. Am pretty happy with the result, have a couple more things to add tomorrow.

I am going to try and make Jack O Lantern's. I have yet to see an orange pumpkin in our green grocer shops and all I see on the blogs of you American girls are fields of them, farms of them actually.

Guess I will have to paint them orange!

I didn't go too overboard with what I made, just tussy mussies and a couple of banners, to test the water, so to speak!

I'm off to bed, its raining so I have my electric blanket on high (Babe's will have a fit!) and a good book waiting - Good Night - xo

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