One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Well woman in this case!.

We have this thing in Auckland called Inorganics where once a year you get notified to put all your unwanted household items out on the curbside.

It's my favourite time of the year, aside from holidays that is!

I took my Mum out for a 'drive' yesterday! She was a bit mortified to start with as I would slam the brakes on and leap out the car to grab whatever it was had caught my eye!

You have to be quick otherwise someone else will get it!

Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this up a quiet street. It was filled with rubbish and water and I am screaming hysterically at Mum that there was no way I was leaving it, I would push it all the way home if I had to!!!

Anyway, emptied the rubbish and drained it of water, pushed it up a hill to a park where Mum and I 'discretely' unloaded the car of all the other 'treasures' and then re packed it to accommodate THIS!!!

Can you believe it?????

It was so funny, Mum and I practically wet ourselves with laughter while struggling with it, discretely!

Photo's don't do it any justice as I took them at night inside my 'studio'. Mum thinks its late 1950's, older than what she used to push us in. It's actually huge and even though the tyres are pretty much gone it still pushes like a charm!
I'll show you what else I got over the next few days, its like being a child in a candy store for me!!!

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