On the Third and Fourth Day of Christmas . . .

On the Third Day of Christmas my very own Mummy gave to me . . .

My Princess/Present Opener with the wild hair!!!!

The wrapping, this is typical of Mum's gift wrapping, all our gifts from Mum are wrapped beautifully.

Surprise!!!! a beautiful hand felted Christmas bag. Mum makes her own felt, I have seen her do it and the process itself is quite simple but it is very labour intensive. This felt is made from lovely NZ merino wool. Mum spent nights and nights hand stitching these bags, her needlework as always is perfection in itself.

This is actually the first piece of my Mother's felt work I have been given!!! Inside the bag was a handmade Christmas decoration that has been misappropriated by The Princess!!!!

On the Fourth Day of Christmas I gave myself . . .

The only thing I like about what I made for the swap is the sheet music bag I made for the wrapping of it!

Even The Princess looks bored with the Fourth Day gift!

I am actually ashamed of it. Its not what I was going to make but I was going through a bad time and its all I could come up with. The good thing is there was one banner where for some weird reason the green and red circles didn't alternate so at least that one came back to me!!!!

It does look ok I suppose, its just that I know I can do much better!

To cheer me up, well not really but a good excuse, I did a little Christmas shopping today for myself. A little thrifting!!!!

I got this dear little tapestry cushion to go with my growing collection of tapestry cushions.

This tapestry for $1. My duty to save it. Out with the ugly frame and I will probably stitch it into a cushion.

A ceramic Santa boot, this is going to be a new collection, inspired from the wonderful boots I noticed in many of the homes I visited during Karla's party.

Now these are fabulous. Christmas tree decorations, an angel and a Santa in gold frames, heavily glittered and dingle dangle beads hanging off the bottom of the frames. A idea for next Christmas.

Last but not least, vintage millinery flowers. They are like gold to me, so hard to find here, I could weep sometimes when you American girls show us the huge hauls of flowers you find!!!

Until tomorrow

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