On the Second Day of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Swap Prom The Princess

On the second day of Christmas Melanie from Germany gave me, a beautifully wrapped gift from under the tree!

I tell you my own Christmas wrapping this year is going to be up graded - a lot!!!
I was having a little quiet time in bed this morning when The Princess raced in saying "Mummy we have to open no.2" I like this 'we business', translation, she has to open number 2! I wish I had been more on to it because I would have organised 12 gifts for her. Never mind, next year . . anyway, its working out, she opens, I photograph and we are both happy!

Melanie created the most incredible handmade journal. Mum and I have not seen anything quite like it before. The spine is made of thin skewers and each page is 'woven' through the skewers. It is truly amazing.

Sorry the photo's are not great, they are taken on my white bed sheets! But this will give you an idea of how the pages are woven together.

I think I'm going to use this as an photograph album for the 12 swap gifts.

Its been a lovely week for receiving!!!
You all know that I have a Princess, well I am also a Princess. I attended Natasha's Virtual Vintage prom and was crowned a Princess at the end of it.
I have proof I am a Princess, I have mail addressed to me using my title!

My Princess gift from Natasha is this incredible beaded hair pin, I love the big pearls and gold tones it has, highly fitting for a Princess and suits my natural (and un-natural) colouring!!!!
Did you make it Natasha??

Thank you Melanie and Natasha for the most beautiful of gifts.
Call back tomorrow for the Third Day of Christmas gift.

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