On the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth day of Christmas!!!

12 Days of Christmas Swap 2008

A little blogging catch up here, I have got way behind, crafting, baking, cleaning for Christmas but all done now. Santa has been early and left cookie crumbs, half a glass of milk, chomped up carrots and tipped over reindeer water!!!

I am doing this and then off to bed, big day tomorrow!!!

Anyway . . .

On the eighth day of Christmas Adrienne from Kaikoura gave to me . . .

a beautiful velvet and bead covered Christmas ornament, just gorgeous, quite Victoria looking. Thank you so much Adrienne, I adore it and will be trying my hand at some next year.

On the ninth day of Christmas Wendy from Nelson gave to me . . .

a fabric bag tied with a beaded cord, opened as they are every day by the Princess

and inside a wonderful mosaic cross. Thanks so much Wendy, just love it!

On the tenth day of Christmas Jean from Cairns, Australia gave to me . . .

the most amazing origami wrapped parcel

containing 4 exquisitely made gift tags with an delicate Asian style to them. Jean is my mother in law and is a wonderful origami artist. Thanks Gamma, they are going to be framed!

On the eleventh day of Christmas Amah from Auckland gave to me . .

a hand stitched hanging lavender bag decoration. Amah is Babes grandmother, she is 82!! This work is two sided so she made 24 pieces!!! Her work is perfection, my eyes are not as good as Amah's. Thanks Amah, just beautiful.

On the twelfth day of Christmas Miranda from Nelson gave to me . .

the most incredible crocheted bookmark in a fan pattern. Miranda, I love this, can't believe you can crochet, a hidden secret??? I am going to frame it and have it downstairs in the dining room, goes with my colours!!! Thanks Miranda, love how you presented it also!

So much fun opening a present for twelve days in row, all such diverse craft work and so much talent and thought put into it. Thank you so much everyone. This is my second year of a 12 day swap, if you ever get an opportunity to join one at Christmas time do it!

That's it my friends, I'm off to bed.

Wishing all the happiest, safest and best Christmas day.

Take Care


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