Nice Matters Award


Ages ago, Amy from Petticoat Lane tagged me along with 6 others for the Nice Matters Award. Amy that was so nice of you to do that. Thank you.

I must have been away because I missed Amy's Nice Matters post!

But anyway you have to tag 7 other people.

There are so many people I could tag, whose blogs I love to read, love their kindness, admire their creativity and their work, covet their homes and so on but they have already been tagged.

So here's 7 wonderful ladies who I don't think have been tagged yet.

*Carol of Paris Breakfasts - one of the first ladies to leave a comment on my first post and who does the most fabulous artwork.

*Carol of Boxwood Cottage - another lady who left a comment on my first post, has a glorious garden and has started making beautiful jewellery.

*Karla of Karla's Cottage - an incredibly talented lady who is very kind and generous with her give away's and tips on painting, crafting etc

*Beth of Gathering Dust - another incredibly talented lady whose blog I enjoy reading.

*SAHM 0f Miz Smoochie Lips - I love her sense of humour!

*Risa of The ParTea Planner - who I admire and relate to with regard to juggling many balls all at once, wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, homemaker, business woman etc

* Andrea of Velvet Strawberries - amazing, a busy Mum of one and one on the way who has just opened the fabulous one hundred wishes, her web boutique store.

Hope you are all a nice weekend!

Take Carex

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