More Sneaky Stuff

This is the last of treasures I 'acquired' from the basement of the castle, therefore the end of my sneaky ways! For the moment anyway ;-)

I love these cast iron brackets, I just need the Cowboy and his drill to remove them from the wood for me.  

And this metal hang on the wall bin thingy, maybe someone's metalwork project when boys did metalwork and woodwork at school and girls did cooking and sewing!

I also 'found' these cast iron coat hooks, a girl can never have too many of these!

Brass door handles, handy to have on hand,

and I just love these very cool cast iron flowers, they have long screws on the back so they will come in handy too! lol

Why is it that in the process of getting rid of crap I manage to 'acquire' more?

Oh well!

Rachael xo

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