Melanie's Makeover

yesterday's funtivity was "crafting". I decided to teach her to use my sewing machine (in a very basic way!)!

Material was chosen and a pattern cut to make her doll Melanie a 'summer' dress and a 'winter' dress.

It would be a little makeover for Melanie, who frankly needs more than a couple of new dresses as you will soon see!

Using the machine, testing out all the different stitches!!!

Melanie's 'summer' dress, I admit to doing most of the sewing but her idea for a flower, pockets etc!

and Melanie, modelling her 'winter' dress!

and yes she is absolutely filthy but I dare not wash her, I don't think she would survive it!

and here is Melanie and her sister called "Melanie"! Almost 7 years ago Melanie looked exactly like her sister!!! lol

but we love Melanie as she is today, for all her dirt, leprosy, alopecia and other ailments like one leg longer than the other (thanks Taila) !!!

you see I bought Melanie, a Russ doll, to put in my 4 day old baby's bassinet, the first time we were taken to see her. For those of you that don't know, we were blessed to adopt the Princess. Of all the soft toys that shared her bassinet and later her cot she attached herself to Melanie.

Hence Melanie's loved look. She still sleeps with Melanie, looks for in her the middle of the night while still asleep, wants Melanie when she is upset and after God, loves Melanie next! Daddy and I rank 3 in the love ratings!!! lol

She's now having another beach holiday with her Daddy, their funtivity today is to write a very silly story, each having a turn to do a sentence! Will make for interesting reading!!!

take care

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