Meet Melanie

We meet the Princess when she was four days old. I had bought a gift to put in her bassinet, a 'Russ' soft toy doll called 'Melanie'. I remember on the one hour journey to Hamilton where the Princess was born, clutching and wringing poor Melanie because I was so scared the Princess's birth mother wouldn't like us!!!

She did, and we were taken to meet our Princess. I placed Melanie in her bassinet and from that day on Melanie has been her constant companion. The Princess can't go to sleep unless she has Melanie in her arms.

Here's what Melanie used to look like....

six much loved years on, Melanie now looks like this....

the 'new Melanie' was bought 5 years ago, just in case something happened to 'Melanie'. She just not the same though (literally!!)

Melanie we love you!!!!

Take Care

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