Mary Thistle comes to the castle...

I call my very best friend Mary Thistle, we have been best friends for over 20 years and have seen each other through champagne glass after champagne glass!

She lives on a farm an hour and half away from me but last week she phoned and made a booking to come for a city stay, requesting the Deluxe Suite,

luckily for her the Dilux Sweet was available,

with 5 star luxury touches,

and a home crafted complimentary gift,

none of which I even billed her for!

Unlike the recent visit the Cowboy, the Princess and I had to her farm stay where we were charged an exorbitant rate for one night!

I can't believe we are halfway through July!  Back in June I posted a list of what I hoped to achieve, I haven't done too well with it so need to carry it through to July lol

The June/July To Do List 

  • building a website,
  • writing a book, - have made notes
  • creating with fabric and paint,
  • selling, selling, selling, - have been doing this and continuing
  • getting fit,
  • getting my ribs healed, - almost there, 11/13 fractures now completely healed
  • stopping pain medication, - halved it
  • fun times with the Princess, - big tick
  • fun times with the Cowboy,  big tick
  • reading a book for pleasure,  big tick
  • cooking new recipes,  big tick
  • buying contact lenses,
  • getting my hair cut,
  • and staying warm! -  impossible in the big drafty castle
  • blog daily - just added today

my list doesn't look so bad really!

better go, have a roast chicken to cook and a list to carry on working on!

Rachael xo

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