Mammoth Mosaics

At the back of the Princess's classroom is the junior school garden. The children have planted lots of plants but it looked very boring and bland.

I volunteered to work with the children and do four mosaic panels to go on the fence wall. They had just finished studying the life cycle of a Caterpillar and pollination of flowers etc so I incorporated that into the mosaics.

We had so much fun, the highlight for them was being able to 'SMASH PLATES' with a hammer!!! It was interesting, the boys were all very much into finding the right piece for the right gap and the girls were all about the 'pretty pieces'. Who cares if it didn't fit the gap!!

I had the best time working with the children, we did it outside over four days, they worked with me in groups of four, we talked and joked and gave each other funny names and laughed and sang as we worked.

Here are our four panels....

PANEL 1 - The Caterpillar
PANEL 2 - The Ca coon

PANEL 3 - The butterfly

PANEL 4 - Flower and Bee

Didn't they do well, most of the children only are six!!!

Each panel is quite big, 45cm x 80cm.

For me it was major, making sure we didn't have cut fingers (only mine!) and then for me at home, grouting them (YUK!), painting the background black and sealing the grout!!!

But done and ready to be hung on the fence

Another project crossed off my TO DO LIST - Phew!!!

Take Care

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