Magic in the Air!

Christmas magic has entered the castle...finally

the falling down tree in the bedroom has been rebuilt - for the second time now... my 20 month old nephew from Australia loves to pull the pink balls of it and run around with them hanging off his ears and clasped his wee hands saying "MINE" and "NO" if I ask for them back!
As he pulls the pink balls off the tree, the branches come out as well, which he just discards, my bedroom floor is very sparkly at the moment!

For the first time in years I have a real Christmas in the living room. The smell of pine is just divine. This tree has its own set of issues, the decorations keep falling off it and it has toppled over once...

The mantle is decorated very simply with my rose lights, faux branches and a gold angel. Its all very pretty at night time. And one lone stocking, I wonder if that means a good haul from Santa!:) What is very good is nothing has toppled off the mantle although now that I think about it there were a line of Christmas cards hanging with that stocking....

Among all this tree toppling, the Princess and my little three year old niece from Australia crafted today. We made beeswax candles to give to the Mummy's and Daddy's,

before walking into the shopping centre for a nutritious dinner, McDonald's for the girls! There has been quite a bit of that lately! I haven't quite finished my shopping or finished making gifts or done my baking or shopped for food but its all good - heaps of time!!!

While I am airy fairy-ily going about Christmas preparations I have also had a few more dates... two guys who only seem to be available during the day... very suspect!

There is one though, that has quite taken my fancy....

looking forward to a magical Christmas and a magical summer...

take care

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