Lovely Mail & a Bigger Family!!!

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The mail has been very kind to me recently!

I collect greeting card boxes, they are very collectable in New Zealand and sell for crazy money on Trade Me. This is the last one I bought, I paid $20 NZD for it!!! I missed out on another one, the bidding went to $35 so I backed out, couldn't justify it . . .

My dear friend Barb, who is one of the most talentest, kindest and thoughtful bloggers I know sent a lovely parcel from America recently. She sent this cute kitten house card box,

and this amazing chair card box. I love them both so much, very welcome additions to my growing collection.

Barb and the very cute Princess Maddy sent my Princess this fabulous cookbook. It is so very appropriate for The Princess. She has even taken it to her Pre-School for morning news!

Here's a look at the inside, each page is so pretty and great inspiring recipes!

My February Romantic Homes issue finally arrived. It comes directly to me from America so I get my copy weeks after everyone else in Bloglandia does! Its such a treat and worth waiting for.

Our family has grown overnight from just the three of us to being a family of five! We have Patricia our Korean daughter who lived with us for a while two years ago, back to stay with us for 5 weeks. She is 14 years old, loves The Princess and loves to argue with Babes and I!!! She is very much part of our family!

On Saturday Tom moved in. He is also from Korea, 18 years old and will be with us for a year. Its nice for Babes to have another male in the house!

Both kids go to local schools, I am now in a routine of making school lunches, making sure uniforms are clean, homework done, sports gear in school bags, notes signed and sent back to the schools etc etc. Its really busy but they are both great kids so fun to have them with us.

We took the girls to the beach last Sunday, it was overcast and windy, typical, so we only stayed long enough to eat icecream and have a walk along the beach.
I took this photo of the 'big sister' and 'little sister' walking down to the water. I think it is such a beautiful photo, its currently set as my desktop background.

I am so slack with being behind in sending stuff and my give aways at the moment. This week I will announce the winner of my January giveaway, how bad is that and show you what the February give away is!!!

Oh and I have been given some more awards and have been tagged so will do that next time as well!!!

Have a good day!

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