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A huge thank you to all of you who left comments on my post yesterday. We are all on the same page regarding our blogs. I always say treat others as you want to be treated. Works for me!

Nastiness is a topic that gets me very hot under the collar as you will have now guessed. It is hitting a nerve at the moment as my Princess is witnessing bad behaviour and bullying of children in her class at school. This is having a deep impact on her own behaviour and attitudes at home and at school. We are on to it and working through it very quickly. It saddens me that at 5 years old she has to witness this and that it is 5 years olds who are doing it!

Yesterday I read two blogs that brought tears to my eyes. One written by Mary at Isabellas Closet asking for prayers for the family of Poppy a 13 month old baby who tragically died and the other was written by Corey of Tongue in Cheek asking for prayers for one of her readers whose daughter in law was killed, leaving behind two little children. And then of course there is the Nielson family tragedy.

That is what I mean by Keeping it Real!!! That is real and offering your support through prayer, donation or just stopping to acknowledge someones pain is important, not the small petty stuff!

This is very real, my pretty Princess dressed for Mufti Day this morning! She is such a poser!

And I certainly won't be plucking the hat I showed you yesterday, many of you seemed quite indignant that I would consider it.

However, this one has plucking potential!!!!

Pretty, but no where near as gorgeous as yesterdays. I paid an extraordinarily ridiculous amount of money for it on Trade Me for the sole purpose of plucking it!

Today at the Rose Room . . .

I need to:
  • Clean Bathrooms
  • Vacuum Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Hire Movie
  • Fold and put away GIANT pile of clean laundry
  • Tidy House
I am wearing:
  • Blue jeans, black top, Khaki light weight jacket, fake fur Leopard skin boots with a heel, perfume and jewels (I have been out shopping!)
State of the House
  • Clean but a little messy
State of the Garden
  • Weed free
Currently at home
  • Coco the Cat and Me
I am crafting:
  • Nothing :(
I am reading:
  • Nanny by Charlotte Bingham (novel)
  • Time Out by Diane Levy (parenting book)
  • The English Home magazine (bought today)
  • Romantic Homes magazine (arrived in mail today)
I am cooking tonight:
  • McDonald's for The Princess - its Friday, I don't cook!
The weather is:
  • Raining and overcast
My mood is:
  • Happy and positive
Bye for Now


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