Its been a good week . . .

The Princess and I had a play date with each other mid week, we played "lets pretend we are ducks laying eggs"!!!, memory card game, jumping on the trampoline together and we sat at the table and drew. We love to do art together.

One of my budding little artist's pieces is a 'Canday Floss' shop, I love how she spelt 'canday'!!!

Here is my effort, obviously inspired by watching Marie Antoinette again! Not sure about the 'Gorilla' arm pose though!

In my never ending quest for order and simplicity in our home I took a pile more stuff over to our local op shop (thrift shop). The only problem with that is that I am really kidding myself as I keep coming home with more than I have taken.

Some of today's haul, tea cosies, Belgium linen, hand embroidered doily and this fabulous Royal Staffordshire breakfast set, egg cups and toast rack. Just love it, but . . . its for sale!!


This weekend is busy, busy, the Princess has a party tomorrow afternoon and a play date at a little friends house on Sunday morning. Me . . . a little house cleaning and I want to craft! My head is buzzing with ideas and my fingers itching to do something.

Thanks for all your comments about my new 'do'. I really don't like the black though, way too harsh for my skin tone. And for all of you who admired my toe tattoo, it hurt like hell, the tattoo-ist even asked if I really wanted it there because it would hurt a lot. He was right!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Bye for now

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