Its All About Me {Lets Swap and Party!}

I am joining the Natasha's, Its All About Me {Lets Swap and Party!}. Natasha really is the Queen of hosting fabulous and innovative blog events.

I can't believe I don't have a before photo of my 'swap'. Could have sworn I took one but can't find it. You will just have to use your imagination for the 'before' bit...

So imagine one plain unadorned grey twin set - a cardigan and sleeveless top, which I chopped (cardigan only) and transformed into.......



strange off centre photo of me was taken by me using timer!

I only ever revamp clothing to sell in my webstore so decided I would do something for myself. I am thrilled with the result, its very soft and pretty!

I showed you the trim that I have used in a few posts back.

I cut out the flowers on the trim and appliqued them around the neck. Didn't carry it to the back of the neck as my hair covers it and I was too lazy!!

Sleeve detail....

Front detail....

Back detail....


Thanks so much Natasha for yet another inspirational blog event!

Be sure to go and check out what everyone else has done.

Take Care

p.s. I might sell it...... LOL

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