Its a small small world!!!!

It is such an incredibly small world we live in!

In my last post I showed you my birthday gifties including the three canvas's done by my mother in law. She freely admitted she had copied them from a craft magazine.

Well these three canvas designs were the original creations of one of my blogging friends, the very talented Kerryanne English, who had to do a double take when she read my post and saw the photo of 'my canvas's/her canvas's'! We don't even live in the same country!

You see Kerryanne had done them for her daughters bedroom and then submitted them to the Australian Handmade magazine, which is a fabulous craft magazine.

What are the chances of that eh?!!! I am so very pleased to indirectly have 'Kerryanne's work' reproduced by my MIL in my home!!!

this next photo is of my not so small six year old Princess, she is so tall, up to my shoulders! Ok, I am small but really she is very tall!!! The striped top she is wearing is size 8, I have to buy her that size to get the body length. I would love her to be a brain surgeon or maybe cosmetic surgeon (for Mummy's old age!) but she so has the potential height and leanness of a supermodel and her favourite TV programme is America's Next Top Model, she accurately predicts who is going to be eliminated in each show and copies all the poses and model walks!!

Think I will buy her a scalpel for Christmas and get her watching Nip/Tuck!!!

Busy, busy selling goodies on Trade Me, just loaded this lot.

If anyone is interested send me an email.

Love this box lid!

had bought it to use the discs for crafting.

love these round wooden discs.

Also selling this 1952 Women's Journal magazine, fabulous condition, fabulous illustrations and vintage ads. I had bought it to cut up for craft work but just can't do it.

Getting the house ready for sale this coming weekend, will have it advertised next week.

Finally have last bit of University application mailed so fingers crossed next year I will be a full time student doing a 3 year degree to qualify to become a Primary School Teacher.

Exciting stuff!!!

Take Care

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