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Life is as crazy as ever here. Just when I thought it was settling back down and I had my house in order, gardens weeded and my Internet business about to start up again, Grandad's pneumonia took a turn for the worse and he is now in hospital.

This week is mad, I am taking Amah to the hospital every afternoon to visit Grandad in between home schooling The Princess who has now finished at Pre School and not starting Primary School until 9 April. Don't ask, its a long story!!!

So my lovely clean, orderly house that looked like this last week is starting to revert back to its usual stuff everywhere state! UGH!!!!

The Princess and I did manage to get to one of Tom, our Korean homestay son's soccer games. We had so much fun on the side line. The Princess is seen here cheering for the other team . . . deliberately!!!!!

Creatively speaking I am having a creating drought. Although actually I have whipped up two more of my cupcake/aprons sets for little girls birthday presents.

The Princess's last day at Pre School was a Mad Hatters Tea Party. I did concoct this creation the day before. I love it!!!!

If I don't get my bird house done for Karla and Beth's party on Thursday I will use this!!!

I love Easter, its my favorite holiday. I find it so much more relaxed than Christmas. Each year on Easter Sunday, Babes and I host an Easter Egg hunt and big lunch for family and friends.
We hide the eggs in our garden and lay a trail of them across the road and into Amah and Grandads garden.

At the end we get the children to tip their buckets on the floor and we divide the spoils up!!!

It was a great day, hot and sunny, the children and ladies all went swimming in our little pool.

Sorry no photo's as we were in our underwear!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

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