It didn't rain, it poured . . .

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It didn't just rain this week, it poured . . .

  • Amah in hospital
  • Granddad in bed with bad chest infection
  • Me in bed for 3 days with bad chest infection
  • Me taking Granddad to Doctor every second day
  • Granddad's chest infection turning into Pneumonia
  • Nothing organised
  • Nothing packed
  • The Princess's renewed passport held up in Wellington even though the application and payment had been sent in plenty of time
  • All day Thursday spent running around Auckland City and phone calls to Internal Affairs in Wellington to get the passport
  • Paid another $150 to have passport done urgently
  • Contemplated flying to Wellington to get passport
  • More sleepless nights due to no passport and coughing fits
Today is Saturday, all is well
  • Passport arrived Friday
  • The Princess has a slight ear and throat infection but we have medicine
  • Korean daughter packed for camp
  • Korean son organised to stay with Mum
  • We are packed for Fiji

I am exhausted but sitting here at 9.50pm with
  • Natural golden brown hair dye processing in my hair
  • Revlon Red toe nails drying

Oh and we have found out there is a possibly that Babes may have to fly out to Germany for 10 days on 7 March at 1pm, nice timing, we arrive back from Fiji on 7 March at 9am and 8 March is The Princess's 5th Birthday . . .


But in the meantime, do think of me lying by the pool in the hot but comfortable sun sipping my cocktail/s brought to me by a bronzed god wearing a little sarong . . . .

p.s. Pat I have sent it!!! Barb I haven't but I will . . . .

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