I'm Having A Ball at The Prom

This is so much fun, Jon, my date (as in Bon Jovi) and I are dancing up a storm, I love the way this dress moves,

argghhhh, what's that, who's dog is this???? It just ripped my dress, bad puppy let go . . . its Miss Cinnamon, Miss Cinnamon go eat your Mummy's dress!

Look at those young ones over there in their pretty dresses with their chaperone, why its Miss Olivia Rose and Miss Lily, chaperoned by Olive Claire, how sweet . . .

Jon, Jon, excuse me, your with me, get your eyes off her . . . . I don't care if she's pretty, got a great dress, can do the twist and is your second best fan, I'm your first best fan and Jon you ARE with me, what, she's the Prom Hostess, well why didn't you say so!

Hmmmmm, she looks like a Southern Belle, Jon, JON, Jonny BE GOOD!

Well hi there Brad, no hard feelings about not being my date, its cos your only the 4th sexiest man in the world for 2007, sure I'll have a dance, see ya Jon, Jon?

whoops, there's Brad's date Angie, sorry Angie just borrowing your man!

phew is it hot in here, no not Brad, the air!!!

I'm off out for a drink . . .

and a little spin around the block in my limo, anyone for a ride, Jon, Brad, gurrls . . .

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