I saw Red

I saw Red Sadie Olive

Sara at Sadie Olive is hosting a "I saw Red" show and tell from June 2 until 8 June. You can post something RED on your blog each day or like I am about to, just do one big RED post!!! I'm doing the one big RED post, because as usual I am late or running late to do the daily one as planned!

Anyway, I love RED . . . my daily glass of RED wine, for my health you know!

My big girls RED bag and my RED diary, the diary of course to keep me on track and organised . . . did you just see that flying pig . . .

My sad little collection of RED transfer ware, I think you have to have three of something for it to be officially called a collection!

My gorgeous RED portieres in my grown up room,

and my RED glass collection.

Just to prove that I am health conscious here is a snap of some RED food in our home!

Sara has a list of other RED players on her blog at Sadie Olive, do go visit them.

Thanks Sara, that was fun!



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