I have a new addiction . . .


its called 'Swaps'!!! I enjoyed Natasha's matchbox swap so much that I found another one to participate in . . . Shabby in the City's http://www.shabbyinthecity.blogspot.com/ Patriotic Bookmark swap! When I read that bloggers from other countries could participate I thought "thats me, I'm in". Phyllis even managed to find me another NZ swapping partner, Amy at http://petticoatlane.wordpress.com/ and I are going to swap 'Kiwiana' book marks which for me will be challenging because my own form of patriotism does not include 'Kiwana' and Amy is a retro gal and I am a shabby girl!! I think a little trip to one of my fave craft outlets might be in order!!! And really I don't need much of an excuse to visit a craft outlet!!!

I can't wait for Karen in Canada to get my matchbox or for me to recieve hers for that matter! I confess I have had a little peek on Natasha's flicker but Karen cleverly posted a photo that gave nothing away! Its like being a child again and waiting for your birthday or Christmas!

If anyone is interested here is the Wikipedia link to the definition of Kiwiana http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiwiana . The wooden Buzzy Bee is a perfect example of Kiwiana which has just given me an idea . . . watch this space . . .

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