I don't have a problem!!!

so you know when my house sale goes through I am going to end up in an apartment a smidgen of the size of this house, which is cool, looking forward to it!

however, I need to reduce the contents of my current house by about 95%! Ha!!!

so what do I do... I go op shopping (thrifting)! Naturally! But because I am culling back I am way more discerning and only buying absolute special things...... you like my justification? lol

so last week, one fabulously shabby chic milk glass candle holder,

the week before, one huge tapestry panel of roses,

last week, one shabby chic sewing basket,

but in my defense I did paint and recover this stool ( that I have had for about 3 yrs!!!)

and all of which are for sale here on Trade Me.

All I need to do now is list the 95% of my house content.....

Moving on from my habit... good day today, went north and visited with my gorgeous youngest brother and sister in law and my 3 scrummy nephews! One of the 11 year old twins is now so close to being as tall as me, which as you can imagine is sooooooooo tall!!!!

Princess back to school Monday and me back to uni! Semester 2, bring it on!!!

take care

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