Heartfelt Thanks and Creativity . . .


Its so good to be back and to post pretty pictures and talk about nice things!!!!

First of all, I am trying to personally email all of you who left us beautiful and supportive comments and emails during my step-fathers illness and passing. If I miss you out (accidentally!!) please accept my heartfelt thanks. I found it of great comfort to know that there are so many kind and caring people out there in the world. It re-affirms the beauty found in blogging.

There is so much to catch you all up on, over the last few months I have ripped out gardens, re-done gardens, moved plants and given the downstairs area of the house a make-over. I'll save those photos for another post though.

Way back (I always start to talk about a swap like this), anyway, way back . . . I took part in Louise's Vintage Boudoir Swap and although it is very belated I would like to share it with you.

Here is what I sent Louise, I do like my wrapping but can't remember all of what I sent, white vintage pillowcases, vintage bag and gloves, rose pen, book . . . stuff . . .

and here is what she sent me, GORGEOUS!!!! Vintage hankies, crochet mats, beaded rose bag, one of her lavender sachets trimmed with vintage lace and button, a pair of her earrings, collage and gorgeous fan card. Isn't that the prettiest and most thoughtful selection of goodies ever!!!

Over the last few months I have been creating, most of which I can't show you yet because it is either not finished or gifts for people who might read this blog (MUM!!!) LOL . . .

I made this lavender heart for The Princess's teacher. Its made from a vintage New Zealand wool blanket and vintage embroidery. Its rustic looking but smells good!!!

I have lavender coming out of my ears, the garden is over grown with it, this harvest is from a couple of years ago, I am using it at the moment for crafting, the house smells divine . . .

My Mum organised a 12 Days of Christmas swap among friends and family in NZ and Australia. We start opening on Sunday, can't wait!!!

The gift I made is in the calico bag with the "Compliments of the Season" label sewn onto it.

I'll share my pressies with you daily once I start opening them!!!

To get me into the swing of blogging again and also to motivate me to finish decorating the house and the three Christmas trees we have that are still in a state of undress I am going to join Heather Pretty Petals, A Pretty Little Christmas blogging party.

Blogging parties are so much fun, so do join in if you can.

And with that, I'll leave you for now, but am back and blogging, oh it does feel good!!!

Take Care - Rachaelxo

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