Head Screwed On!

gotta love super glue! Just needs to be repainted....one day....soon.....

My head back in place too, no super glue used!

The Princess settled easily back into school, loves her new teacher. She is not so keen on the after school care but I'm sure she will get used to it!

I have had my second week as a university student. I have a school bag, a pencil case and a really cool umbrella!!! lol

Just maths so far, you know..... multiplication and division of decimal numbers, fractions, that sort of stuff!!

Had a wee maths test today, will find out how I did tomorrow.

Found some vintage linens in my local op shop yesterday, just gorgeous. Will be refashioning them into bags and other stuff!!! One day.......soon..........

Not this pillowcase though, am going to be keeping this as it is, a beautiful pillowcase for my bed!

And a pile of pretty hankies to be used in my creations as well. One day.....soon.....

oh, I had a little mishap with my laptop, took it upon myself to upgrade the RAM to become speedier and in the process fried the motherboard!!! It had to go to hospital to be fixed by a real computer doctor....... was not good!!!

What else, what else? I had all these little snippets of things to blog about and have forgotten most of them.... oh well.....

I'm sure it will all come to me.... in the middle of the night!!! lol

take care

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