Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of you on the other side of the world.

Hope you are having a fun time!

As we are a day ahead, it was Halloween here yesterday!

We had a fun time, Mum and I dressed The Princess up in her fairy costume and went over to the local church who every year put on a gigantic extravaganza for Halloween. Its great, they have bouncy castles, bouncy slides, you name it, it bounces, side shows, candy floss, mini trains, live entertainment and this fabulous light show at the end.

There were so many little girls dressed as fairies in exactly the same fairy dress as The Princess! Last year I made her a bright lellow (yellow) pixie costume with tinkly bells attached to it. However this year, being a 4 1/2 year old Princess, fairy it was! I didn't have time to make anything so I bought it, at the same shop a 100 other Mummy's shopped at!

After the Light Party we did a token 'trick a treat'. The Princess was so happy with the wee pile of candy and chocolate she got.

I didn't take photo's as our camera is in Taiwan with Babes, who is there for work and I forgot Mum's camera which was in my computer bag. Couldn't believe it, since I have started blogging I always have my camera . . .

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of my October give away and let you know what the November give away will be.

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