Happy and Sad

The Cowboy is sick so I have been playing nurse, slicing Kiwi Fruit and making lemon and honey drinks for him, he is so lucky! haha

Last week was good, busy and good, the Princess had her first week back at school after the holidays and back to normal routine of part week with her Daddy (Wasband) and the rest with me.

Lovely lovely things happened last week such as winning the Antipodes Serum, catching up with the Wasbands family, his grandmother kindly giving me petrol vouchers because she knows I am poor and my Mummy paying my doctors bill. Lucky me, blessed me!

My Mummy came for a sleepover on Saturday night, she brought with her Cornish Pastie which is made from my Granny's recipe, so so yummy, we ate the pastie, drunk red wine, crafted and laughed with the Princess... nice!

I got lots accomplished last week too, dealt with some yukky bills and stuff and made positive inroads into other stuff!

So while so good in my life so very sad to be reading about the Colorado tragedy, heartfelt sympathy to the families who have suffered loss.


so sad to hear of the passing of Margaret Mahy, amazing and inspirational New Zealand author of  many, many children's books.

There you have it, the happy and the sad!

Seize the moment!

Rachael xo

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