Happy 2011!!!

I have had the best Christmas and New Year and holiday!!!

How about you, really hope yours was as fantastic as mine...

Wonderful times spent with my family - the Princess, my Mum, my Auckland sis in law and my 3 nephews, the wasband and my Australian brother and his family....

so much fun, so much laughter, so much food, too much wine....

and lots and lots of photo's....

such as my Christmas Princess,

cozy cousins,

laughing till I cried when I found this little man sitting on my kitchen bench helping himself to the drinking chocolate powder,

and at my sister in law modelling my fur cape,

Another laugh till I cried moment, making a gingerbread house with the kids, monumental failure, has L my sis in law said, it was a leaky home... it was so hot the icing wouldn't set so the house kept collapsing and as fast as I could build it the little ones kept scrapping the icing off it, in the end they just ate it, un-assembled!!! lol

The tree and all the presents under at my other sister in laws house on Christmas Eve,

Christmas breakfast, done in two shifts, kids first, my sister in law cooked french toast, bacon, strawberries, banana's and maple syrup, oh and champagne for the adults!!!

and I have so many more photo's with cute and funny stories, I will post again tomorrow,

meantime I have work to do!

take care

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