Hanging in the balance

is where I am in my romantic life right now,

(scales belonged to my Granny)

and I may as well share it because you guys, well gals really, have followed me on my journey, since I chose to air my dirty laundry to the world at large .... so to speak!!!

so to keep it short, I met a man, a nice man, a man I like, a man who treats me well, a man who I feel I am on the same page with, maybe even several pages of the same book, but it is early days and is very, very casual you know, no introducing to children or family or any of that carry on.... and hey it may not go anywhere.....but its fun....

and then there is Babes, who as some of you so accurately said, realised the grass was not greener, ditched his um 'friend' when he found out I had a 'friend' and would like me back, hence the roses, flowers, chocolate etc

and its hard, because there is good history, a Princess who would like her Mummy and Daddy back together, and of course I still have strong emotional ties to Babes and that whole nuclear family unit.....

but.....there is also bad history, a history of repeated infidelity.

hanging in the balance - I am sitting back and doing nothing, enjoying the moment and what will be will be!!!

do not worry my friends......

Take care

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