Hair today!

my little fashionista let me borrow her felted flower hair ties for my plaited hair do today, or my braids as you American girls would say!!!

tried to take the photo myself, had the camera setting all wrong but hey it was morning, before 8am morning!

I have noticed that something happens to me when I have stuff in my hair, it makes more behave more ridiculously than I normally do...!

Or maybe its just because life is so good, as my Granny would say "one door closes, another door opens"

and it certainly has for me, many new doors have opened, life is busy, life is exciting, life is full of new things and new people. The Princess and I are happy and content!

Before I sign off, quick house update,

still have a contract on our house so once that goes through I will start looking for a new home for us... that cute little apartment didn't happen so obviously that was not the right one!

Take Care

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