Great Cartoon Gift Idea for Xmas and Stuff!

A friend of mine is a talented Cartoonist and has come up with the coolest and most fun Christmas gift idea, your family in Cartoon form!!!

What I really love about this, is you get your Cartoon within 2 to 3 days in digital form and then its yours to do what you like with....

*Christmas cards
*framed prints
*coffee mugs
*mouse pads
*key rings
*tote bags

and all the other endless possiblities your local print shop will offer!!!

click HERE to find out more......

I have been really busy, remember a while ago I showed you this....

well its now this......

and this one.....

is now this....

both for sale HERE, along with my house if you want to buy it!!!

and GUESS WHAT!!!!

I got accepted to the University of Auckland and on 25 February 2010 I start my three degree in a Bachelor of Education!!!!

and GUESS WHAT else!!! I am so not prepared for Christmas, no decorations up, shopping done, cards sent, cooking done let alone even planned Christmas Day...... oh well heaps of time... isn't there!

Take Care

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