the Princess & I have a new thing we do called 'funtivities'.

I wrote out a whole lot of cards, each one has a different activity to do and she gets to choose one daily (in lucky dip fashion) during the school holidays.

Today's was bake a cake or cookies. She chose a recipe from a cooking set she got for Christmas.

We were making these cookies....

this is what we ended up with!!! lol

dodgy recipe, well that's my story anyway.

No truly it was, strange quantities of dry ingredients against wet ingredients!

They tasted dodgy as well so we binned them and will make some tomorrow from MY trusty cookie recipe!!!

We did go out for dinner tonight though, the Princess ordered a banana sundae for dessert, 20 minutes later they came and told us they had run out of banana's. I suggested they ran around the corner to the local supermarket and bought some.... which is what they did!!!! lol

ask and ye shall receive!!!

take care

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