Flowers, Lace and Stuff!

The flowers keep coming from Babes......

gorgeous daisies,

and red roses!

I was given, yes that would be given, boxes and boxes of stuff to do what I liked with. Probably about 15 boxes all together. So much fun sifting through it, a lot was rubbish but there was the odd treasure like this pile of lace, fabric lengths of lace and trims in every colour possible.

I had to wash it, smelt revolting and today spent a very pleasant few hours in front of the TV while I wound it up and tied it into bundles, a girl can never had too much lace - right?!!!

Then the stuff, all covered in the most appalling greasy layers of grime but so much fun washing it to see how it came up. Pedestal cake plates, ornaments, shells, figurines, mostly now for sale on Trade Me.

Well must go, have sewing today, I might use some lace!!!

Take Care

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