Fat Cherubs and Pearls

I'm thinking of selling what's left of my fat cherub collection. They are not particularly valuable but I do love them.

However you know, I have to par back my stuff and I really want to go for a simple uncluttered look in my new home.

Oh I don't know, sell/keep, sell/keep....

there's my Libran indecision kicking in!

I'm mucking about with my hair. Now that I don't go to Suzy the Korean hairdresser, who was lovely but did love her thinning scissors and a good Bob hair do, regardless of if you wanted a thinned out Bob hair do or not, my hair has finally grown past my ears!

(sorry for that long sentence, hope you caught my drift!)

My hair is now past my shoulders but the bottom half of it is very thin, due to a few years of Suzy and also some moulting thing I have had going on.... (and hair dye)

So anyway, as I said I have been mucking around, having it up, down, plaited etc.

Today I did an up do, like a fountain of hair sprouting from the top of my head, the Princess told me I looked like a flower pot! haha!

I embellished my fountain by wrapping her toy pearl necklace around and around it and added to the pearl theme further with earrings, and wrists loaded with pearl bracelets! I felt very, well pearly all day!

I took the photo at the end of the day so my fountain had slipped a bit!

University all day

the Princess's water bottle leaked right through my bed, I slept in the wet patch!

the toaster jammed, it looked like there was a heavy fog throughout the house and a very nasty charred smell remains

the cat was sick on the carpet

but otherwise a fabulous day

hope you enjoyed my riveting meaningful post! lol

take care

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