Eclectic Men!

I have moved on from roses and cherubs and am now collecting men...

they are much better than roses and cherubs in the way that they don't require dusting, hanging on walls, cluttering my home...

although they certainly have signs of ageing and flaws, like a good vintage collectible, and do require attention...

but then again so do I!!! haha!

So in my collection I have:
*the Wasband, who I have an excellent relationship with despite everything...
*the Cartoonist, who remains a good friend...

and a few potential additions to the collection that I have met recently or am going to meet:
*the lawyer/chiropractor
*the IT city slicker
*the professional sportsman

could be an interesting summer...

take care

p.s. this type of collection needs to come with a warning... cracks in ones heart rather than an empty purse can be a side effect

oh and I need to state that the Princess has no idea of anyone in her Mummy's collection apart from her Daddy - the Wasband!

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