Dropping in...

My photo challenge for May lasted all of.... 3 days! 

Busy, busy, its university assignment time, its university exam time, its time for not much else, its time for my brain to click into gear, its time...

There was Mothers Day (an extremely belated happy Mothers day to you - like extremely belated!)

The Princess gave me...

because I have a little leopard print fetish,

I just love the envelope and the 'super mum' card she chose!

I just love her!

He bakes!

His first time cookies, 

my chocolate cookie recipe (from Destitute Gourmet cookbook). 

I was NOT allowed to help! It was hard for me, not to help lol

They were delicious!

Almost as good as mine ;-)

I'll be back!

Dropping out

Rachael xo

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