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Thank you so much to those of you who left comments on my last two posts. I hope the bloggers who have been affected by the 'nasties' got to read your extremely supportive comments. Actually I hope any 'lurking nasties' read them as well!

To show how much I appreciated your comments, I made a little certificate, well actually 'doctored' a little certificate I found on the Graphics Fairy's blog (Thank you Graphics Fairy). Please take the certificate and put it on your own blog if you would like to!

Before I go on, I have put a photo of my boots on here for you Sherry! Got them in Australia 4 years ago. I love them, and wear them a lot, still. I do love a little faux animal print!!!

Speaking of Sherry, I followed her link to RhondaMum's blog who is having an amazing give away.

One of the conditions of entering her giveaway is to go to the Breast Cancer site and click on the Free Mammograms button. I am clicking daily!

Also in my never ending quest to become an organised (I was once!) on to it Domestic Goddess I have joined Brocante Home's, Vintage HouseKeeper Circle!!!!

So watch this space, come October when it starts I am going to be positively dangerous in the home!!!!

As for my Daily To Do List, well . . .

It is humongous this week!!!

Tom has exams that need him to taken and picked up from school at odd times, I am working at Babes work tomorrow, at The Princess's school this afternoon and organising the Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary luncheon this coming Sunday as well as cleaning their house, cleaning my house, which is now not clean or tidy, loading heaps of stock on Trade Me and my Website and doing masses of paperwork. Finish the furniture I started painting yesterday and finish my little garage playroom so I can start to CRAFT again!!!

Jen, my clean laundry needs you!!!

But on a bright note, my gardens still look fabulous and I am still happy and positive, just a little tired!!!

So I won't be posting a daily to do list this week, instead I have it hand written in my Brocante Home Domestic Goddess folder I set up. I need to carry the list around with me at all times!

Ok, off now to stack the dishwasher and generally get on with it!!!!

Bye for now!


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