Coming up for air....

its been a while!!!

First semester down, I ended up with A+'s for my assignments and just one A without the +, which really annoyed me!!!

I have since had exams, 5 exams in all which was rather harrowing.

So as you do when you have exams, you decide to sell your house and try to buy another!!!

My house, this one here has a contract on it.....

and I have a contract on this little apartment here....

funny the things that excite you about a home, I love the green front door and the idea of my mail being posted through it every day which is what happens in this little apartment complex

and I love the long narrow garage, which of course will not be seeing a car, I have plans for this space, big plans!!!!

and I love this balcony which I am really excited about decorating with pots and my statues, and outdoor furniture

Both contracts depend on finance so its all rather nail biting stuff or in my case drinking wine stuff!!!

If I get this little apartment I need to sell 95% of the contents of my current biggish home....

which is what I should be doing now, but really don't know where to start!!!

major procrastinating going on here....

will keep you posted!!! lol

take care

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