I bought Chloe for something ridiculous like $10 off Trade Me, she was an absolute bargain as I have seen her again on there selling for over $100.

She's a bit of a conversation piece, I first hung her over my dining table, as you would, much to the consternation of my Father in Law who felt she was more suited to.... a bedroom! haha!

Also the Wasband's granddad who blue tacked leaves to her 'privates' one Christmas Day, to protect her modesty!!!

Eventually I did retire Chloe to the bedroom, this was after I kicked the Wasband to the curb and turned the bedroom into a more dreamy like space!!!

And where is Chloe residing now, well on a living room wall, a prominent living room wall in the castle! Hah!!!

I do love a good conversation piece!!!

take care

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